• Make an enquiry via website form, client calls, or direct emails.
  • Client details and responsibilities are discussed.
  • Basic information about the premises, such as size and usage, is gathered.
  • The type of assessment provided confirmed (Type 1 )
  • Quote is provided via email.
  • The client accepts the quote.
  • Details, including when the assessment is needed and the main contact, are established.
  • Urgency is assessed, with a standard report turnaround of 7-14 working days.
  • A booking confirmation, assessor details, and a pre-visit questionnaire are issued to the client.
  • The assessor meets the client on-site, reviews fire safety paperwork.
  • Visual inspections, note-taking, and photo documentation are conducted in the client’s areas of responsibility.
  • For communal/common areas, access is required to a sample a few flat front doors.
  • Clients can ask questions during the assessment.
  • An invoice is issued.
  • The assessor submits a written report, subject to quality checks.
  • Payment is received, and the report, is issued to the Responsible Person (RP).
  • The RP checks and works through the report, contacting us for queries or clarity.
  • An annual reminder is sent the following year.
  • The RP decides on an internal review or schedules a new Fire Risk Assessment.

What we don’t do.

  • External wall construction and cladding inspections are not included.
  • Access to voids above false ceilings/loft spaces is attempted only if necessary and safe.
  • A full fire door survey is not part of the assessment.
  • Construction sites are not assessed.
  • Reports are not sent before payment.

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