Keep the fires in the kitchen and out of your hotels, restaurants, pubs, and cafes. We understand the unique challenges of the hospitality sector, which is why our comprehensive fire risk assessments are designed to provide actionable insights and safety measures that work in high-footfall and high-pressure environments.

Care Homes

Your residents’ safety is paramount. Our fire risk assessment services for care homes focus on mitigating risk for the most vulnerable among us. We help ensure your facility meets and exceeds all fire safety standards, giving peace of mind to both staff and the families you serve.

Medical Establishments

From hospitals and veterinary clinics to dental practices, we understand the complexities and stringent safety requirements of the medical sector. Our tailored fire risk assessments can help you meet regulatory compliance and create a safer environment for your patients and staff.

HMOs, Landlords, and Residential Properties

Providing safe homes is a responsibility we share. Fire risk assessments for HMOs, landlords, and residential properties with communal areas are an essential part of this responsibility. Our thorough assessments help ensure your properties are not only compliant with fire safety regulations but also offer a secure living environment for tenants.

Offices and Retail

Fire can disrupt business continuity and pose a threat to your staff and customers. Our fire risk assessments for offices and retail outlets focus on identifying and addressing potential hazards, helping to protect your business and the people who make it successful.


Protect your place of gathering and ensure that your focus remains on your community. We provide fire risk assessments for charities safeguarding these crucial communal spaces so that they can continue serving and uplifting their communities.

Educational Establishments

Safety is the first lesson in any classroom. Schools, colleges, and universities can trust our fire risk assessment services to identify potential fire hazards and create a comprehensive safety plan, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for our future leaders.

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