Ensuring Fire Safety Compliance

Fire Risk Assessment is all about the safety of people and the building in the even of a fire. It is essential to have an updated fire risk assessment to comply with legal requirements.

As mandated by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the responsible person or duty holder is obligated to conduct a comprehensive fire safety risk assessment. Additionally, they must have a fire management plan. Neglecting these responsibilities may lead to a large fine, prosecution, or a combination of both.

Your Legal Obligations

Who Needs a Risk Assessment?

This legal obligation extends to individuals falling under the following categories:

●  Landlords overseeing business premises
●  Employers or self-employed individuals with business premises no matter the size
●  Charities or voluntary organizations with employees or volunteers
●  Contractors with a level of control over any premises
●  Establishments providing accommodations for paying guests, such as hotels, B&Bs, holiday cottages, Air B&Bs.
●  Residential properties with communal or shared areas
●  Landlords of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
●  Premises accessible to the public or consumers, including restaurants, retail units, pubs, and gyms
●  Educational buildings like schools, universities, and nurseries
●  Medical facilities, such as care homes, doctors’ offices, and dentists

This list is not exhaustive. If uncertainty persists regarding the necessity of a Fire Risk Assessment, please reach out to us for assistance or consult your local fire/council authority for guidance.

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What is Reviewed?

Fire Risk Assessments should be thorough, considering various factors.

The depth of each review depends on the building’s complexity. Key factors include:

  • Building construction, layout, and use
  • Occupancy details, including potentially vulnerable occupants.
  • Electrical equipment onsite that could be a source of ignition
  • Fire loss history
  • Defense against arson
  • Smoking areas and preventive measures caused by smoking
  • Lightning protection measures
  • Installed & Portable Heating devices that can be a source of fire
  • Potential Hazards from outside contractors or building works
  • General housekeeping and combustible material clearance
  • Escape route configuration and maintenance
  • Storage of flammable liquids
  • Emergency lighting installation and maintenance
  • Measures to limit fire spread
  • Measures for Alarm systems and fire safety signage
  • Proper installation and maintenance of fire safety devices e.g. Fire Extinguishers
  • Evacuation drills and regular fire safety training
  • Building fire safety management
  • Maintenance of proper records on fire safety measures
  • Testing procedures and maintenance for fire safety systems
Your assessment will establish:

  • The likelihood of fire hazards & risks of your business
  • People who are at risk and those that are at a higher risk than others
  • Specific Measures your business can take to reduce and remove any risks
  • Necessary training for specific individuals

After your assessment, we can discuss the works, if any, that need carrying out for you to be
compliant with current standards. Our team will be able to advice you on any changes you may
need to make to ensure people’s safety and any equipment necessary should a fire occur.

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